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    Readability in Web Design

    Web designer Kezz Bracey of Polygonix, suggests a “Content First” and “Device Agnostic” approach to web design, originally inspired by the typography focused em based “Goldilocks Approach”, proposing a “Readability First” approach. The here are some of the features resulting from this approach.

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    Web Design: FurGlory

    Last week I was tasked with quickly getting the FurGlory website up and running and ready to sell product before the airing of the Dragon’s Den episode. The whole project took only a matter of hours over the course of a few days. Here’s the result.

  3. htmltag

    Meta Tags: Revision

    The purpose of the meta tag revised is to make available the last time you made a change to your web page. That way web crawlers can decide if there is any reason to save a new copy or update their index.