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    Readability in Web Design

    Web designer Kezz Bracey of Polygonix, suggests a “Content First” and “Device Agnostic” approach to web design, originally inspired by the typography focused em based “Goldilocks Approach”, proposing a “Readability First” approach. The here are some of the features resulting from this approach.

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    Web Design: FurGlory

    Last week I was tasked with quickly getting the FurGlory website up and running and ready to sell product before the airing of the Dragon’s Den episode. The whole project took only a matter of hours over the course of a few days. Here’s the result.

  3. htmltag

    Meta Tags: Revision

    The purpose of the meta tag revised is to make available the last time you made a change to your web page. That way web crawlers can decide if there is any reason to save a new copy or update their index.

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    Meta Tags: Subject

    The purpose of the meta tag subject is to provide search engine web crawlers with a short phrase that describes the topic of your web page. That way when someone searches for one of the words or phrases you included in the meta tag subject your web page will show up somewhere in the results.