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    Branding: Kinshira

    Kinshira – Poetic Movement entertainment company asked us to spice up their branding, showing more of their fiery spirit. The symbol is based on a fire dance the performers do, in which they draw the symbol in the air. I wanted it to seem link the symbol had just been drawn with fire from the […]

  2. 2012-06-10_183545

    Branding: Kelowna Nails

    Kelowna Nails was a quick project to create a new brand for the company to use with their business cards. The cards are designed to both advertise and promote the company, as well as serve a more functional purpose to allow customers to book appointments.

  3. 2012-06-10_183242

    Branding: Grower Coach

    Grower Coach is another sub-site of the Kelowna Gardens brand, meant to act as a learning hub for gardeners and landscapers. Digital Ag created the brand from the ground up and designed the back-end system for Ken and his team to go in and add video tutorials and set-up seminars and event that people can […]