DigitalAG Studios Presents Henna Tattoos

Henna Art

On June 1, 2012, DigitalAG Studios took part of a wonderful Fundraiser. It was at George Pringle Elementary School in West Kelowna. It was the Annual Fundraiser that volunteers help out. After a hesitant hunt for new ways to promote DigitalAG Studios, Alisha has been seeking voluntary opportunities for Henna Tattoos. As most of you already know, Henna Tattoos are quite popular and as well, quite expensive. A lot of creativity is required and patience. While searching online, we came across a Facebook event, GPE Annual Family Fun Carnival. At a glance, Alisha decided to send the Event Page a message to inquire if there was any possibilities in volunteering and being able to advertise DigitalAG Studios.

We took this opportunity to a whole new level. Peter had created a new Banner to represent us. Alisha prepared designs and artwork, so the public was able to see what we can Offer. As well, we donated a Free Photography Session with an 8×10 photo for the Silent Auction. This would really boost our company.

As the evening began, we had no one pass by DigitalAG Studio’s table. We were then shifted to the lower main door, where the line-ups didn’t end. For the last 2.5 hours, we had no time to break or breathe. We had line-ups out the door for young girls wanting Henna Tattoos. Our most popular henna tattoo was the Love with Multiple names. ( I guess it’s the new Teenage thing to do!) Second up was a basic Flower design that was easy and quick. This made line-ups quicker! ┬áThe best part of the night had to be when I had parents comment and question whether I would be interested in doing Henna Birthday Parties and Ladies Night Out, my answer, Definitely.

Here is a few photo’s that we were able to shoot while at the Family Fun Carnival.

The night was successful and we are definitely going to be out in Kelowna. Come find us! If you have an event you would like to have Henna at, please do not hesitate to contact us –

Enter Code Word: Henna Art and receive a 10% discount with any DigitalAG Studio Service.

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