Henna Tattoo Photo Shoot

Henna By DigitalAG Studios

This past week, I have been pondering the Idea of having a Henna Tattoo Photo shoot. I placed a quick reply for a Model Call.

Once I placed the Call online, the comments began pouring me. It was madness. I wanted to start a new brand idea for DigitalAG. I wanted to combine my photography and henna into one. Surely enough, I had two wonderful Models, Vanessa Conway who was my leg and shoulder model and Raeleen Tebbutt, my Hand and Arm Model. Once I got the appointments in order, I had began sharing my ideas.

I knew I wanted to do for the Henna Tattoos. I wanted to expand my horizon, step out of my box, cross my limits and just go with the flow. Which is exactly what I did! First was Vanessa. She was open to anything, just not on the hands due to work. However, we used her sexy legs and her shoulder. We decided to do an intense, very intricate design. I began with a floral pattern and it grew from there. I found that if I begin 3/4 of the way, I can spread out from a central point. I love using Paisleys in my design. They define so much the Indian look yet so unique.  When I started working on Vanessa, she realized that she had to sit for a very long time. It was definitely well worth it. Her Photography poses were all set on the ground as I was able to capture her well. She loved being in front of the camera, a true beauty and natural Photogenic woman. Thank you for letting me draw on you, you are awesome.

Secondly, I had Raeleen come over. She loved henna and again very open. Since I used Vanessa’s legs, I certainly wanted to do something different. This time around, we started at the top of the arm and worked my way down. As we wanted to keep two different styles, we did a simpler design on the left hand and the exaggerated art on the right. She was so patient with me. It is time consuming, and one must be very still and quite patient. Raeleen’s photography poses were majority close ups and 3/4 poses. As we really wanted to show off her arms and hands. We gave her a light touch of makeup to have a bold look.

My project idea for the photo shoots were to show off my henna designs. As I start my henna business and go out to events and venues, I really want everyone to visualize my capabilities. I clearly stated to both Vanessa and Raeleen regarding this shoot that it was to re- brand DigitalAG Henna. I wanted to let the audience know that they don’t have to cut themselves short. In the last month, I have realized that Henna is my passion and photography is my hobby. What a better way to live, with my Passion and my Hobby and make a career. I have imagined a great career with DigitalAG Studios | Henna Tattoos and I am working my way to the top! I have many new events coming. Check out our Calendar on Digitalag, hope to see you there!

I would definitely like thank everyone for their ever-ending support and love.


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  • http://www.kelownanails.com Deborah regan

    Awesome Alisha…Next time I wanna be a model. LOL

  • http://digitalag.net Alisha Khan

    Definitely. :) I will send you details! :)