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If you’re looking for a technical edge or to improve your online presence then a consultation from Peter Singh-Vigilante is what you need.

Peter is constantly pushing himself to become an expert in his field. His passion and talent has led to a strong knowledge base and successful career in website design, graphic design, and website development. Peter was the CTO and Senior Developer at Hiilite Creative Group, and Centre for Arts and Technology schools National Distributed Learning Manager, as well as the Lead Instructor for the Graphic Design and Web Development programs. With over a decade of experience in the multimedia industry, Peter possesses an expert level of understanding and knowledge of technology, and education. Do you require help executing anything, because if Google was a person, he would be Peter Singh-Vigilante… seriously, what can’t he do?


If Google was a person, he would be Peter-Singh Vigilante. When technological challenges or unexpected issues arise, Peter has the skillset, experience and knowledge to find solutions to the things that prevent us from moving forward. Peter will break down barriers and help you efficiently execute and solve problems.


Once you’ve booked Peter for a block of time, he will reach out to schedule a time to talk. During your call, you will have the opportunity to leverage Peter’s insight, skills and experiences to execute a custom solution for your problem or to achieve your vision

Before your consultation, he will ask a few questions:

  • What goals are you trying to achieve?
  • What are the challenges or barriers you’re facing?
  • What topic would you like to focus on during the call?
  • What do you need to achieve your vision?