Knowledge Base for WP In-Feed Instagram Plugin

Editing Instagram Posts

Since In Feed Instagram imports your posts directly into WordPress, you have the ability to make edits to the post.

Head over to the Instagram tab in your admin menu.

Here you can edit your Instagram posts just like any other WordPress post type.


By default, the “Title” will be your Instagram username, followed by the location the image was taken (if available). You can modify this to your liking.

Permalink/Post Slug


The permalink uses the Instagram ID of your original Instagram Post to check if In-Feed Instagram has already imported it to your site. Changing the permalink will result in the plugin re-importing the original post, resulting in duplication. Deleting a post and emptying the WordPress trash bin will also result in the posts being re-imported into WordPress, unless you also remove the post from your Instagram account.


The content from your original Instagram post will be imported, along with any Hashtags. You can modify the content as you see fit, though removing the Hashtags from the “Content” section will not remove them from the post itself, as they are also attached as a taxonomy object.

Note: This will not change make changes to your actual Instagram post on Instagram.

Feature Image

Though counter intuitive to the point of importing content from your Instagram feed, it is possible to change the image out for a new image 🤷‍♂️.

Last Updated On July 14, 2019