Knowledge Base for WP In-Feed Instagram Plugin

Getting Started

The WordPress In-Feed Instagram plugin allows you to import your Instagram posts directly into your WordPress blog to be delivered along side the post type of your choice.


  1. Upload the in-feed-instagram folder to the /wp-content/plugins/directory.
  2. Activate the WP In Feed Instagram plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Connect your Account

  1. Go to the In Feed Instagram tab that appears in your admin menu.
  2. Select the Account tab.
  3. Click the Connect Instagram Account button, you will be redirected to the Instagram login page.
  4. Login to the Instagram account you wish to connect, you will be redirected back to the Account page where you should see your account details.

Once connected, your latest Instagram posts will immediately be imported to WordPress under the Instagram post type in your admin menu.

If the connect button does not work, click the Button not working? link to manually retrieve an Authorization Code.

You can click the Delete button to remove a connection at any time and connect a new Instagram account.

Select a Post Type

The main purpose of In Feed Instagram, as apposed to other Instagram plugins that show your instagram in a self contained widget, is to have your Instagram feed be apart of your blog roll.

  1. Go to the In Feed Instagram tab that in your admin menu.
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Select the Post Type you would like your Instagram feed to be in sync with. Click Update to apply any changes.

By default the plugin will select the WordPress standard “Post” type.

Last Updated On July 14, 2019