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Plugin Road Map

We want to see all our software grow and become more useful to users as time goes on. All our software is built first to solve a problem we had for our own websites, thus we use our own products everyday and are always looking for ways to make it work better for ourselves, then we share those improvements with all those the purchased our software. Sometimes a software may start fairly barebones, as we need to have it ready for production by a specific deadline. But once in the wild, we can take a moment to review and look for ways to improve it for ourselves and our community.

Please join us in helping guide the further development of our software by making suggestions of features you would like to see in future versions that you feel will help you enjoy our products better.

Our software road map is based on features that we internally have in the pipeline, and community suggested features. The road map may change constantly based on community feedback and feature priority. Here is what you can expect to see so far in future updates.

Coming Soon to In-Feed Instagram

Version 1.1

  • Hide Post option
  • Import by Hashtag filter
  • Import Instagram Video posts.
Last Updated On July 14, 2019