Fantasy Warrior

You don’t need to be a master painter to create beautiful fantasy characters. A good knowledge of lighting is the most important thing when creating an image. Observe everything that surrounds you. See how a light reacts with a certain object, how shadows fall on an environment and how dark an object will be in […]

Feeling Blue Skys

This project was my attempt at painting a full person without a complete photo reference (still used pieces of reference for the hands and ears). Was feeling a little blue myself that week (don’t remember why) but wanted to still do something productive with my day.

The Little Mermaid: In Space

This project was done for my digital painting students to show how to create a painting with a story. The mermaids have been preying on human ships for centuries, tearing them apart to find shiny things. One day the little mermaid came across an astronaut in an asteroid field, she had never seen one up […]

The Karnak

A recreation of an older piece I did back in collage of my vision of the ultimate being of pure power.You can watch the whole process unfold below. The original painting: