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Pinterest for WooCommerce

Found on Woocommerce

Grow your brand and find new customers with the Pinterest for WooCommerce extension

Use the Pinterest for WooCommerce extension to connect your store to the world’s largest social network for ideas, inspiration, and interesting products and brands. On Pinterest, you can promote your products to 250 million monthly active users.


  • A secure connection between WooCommerce and Pinterest.
  • List your entire WooCommerce product catalog on Pinterest in minutes.
  • Add new products automatically to your Pinterest boards.
  • Open Graph markup enhances your product images and makes them stand out.
  • Visitors can save your product images to their Pinterest boards.
  • Every Pin contains a direct link to the product on your website.
  • Manage all your Pins in one place and sync images, pricing, and product details in real-time.
  • Use the Pinterest tag to track conversions.
  • Schedule Pins.
  • Auto-resize images according to predefined dimensions.
  • Replace the original product image with the custom one intended for Pinterest.
  • Pin to several boards at the same time.
  • Create a Pinterest catalog for advertising.
  • Add Pinterest hashtags right from wp-admin.

Optimize your product Pins for sales

sales-oriented pin

The extension adds the necessary Open Graph markup to your product pages so that Pinterest validates them and transfers their related details (product name, description, price, and stock availability) automatically.

Auto-resize images according to the set dimensions

Your online shop images do not always correspond to Pinterest image size recommendations. Now, you can create Pinterest-ready images right from wp-admin.

Replace the original product image with the custom one intended for Pinterest

If you’d like to improve the look of your Pin after auto-resizing images, you can add any custom image for pinning. It will only be visible on Pinterest.

Create a Pinterest catalog for advertising

Use the advertising potential of Pinterest to promote your products and track effectiveness with analytics. The Pinterest for WooCommerce plugin can transform all your regular product Pins into advertising Pins. Selected product categories will be added to the catalog. Pinterest updates it every day, so you don’t have to create a catalog manually after adding or editing Pins. All you need to do is choose how often to regenerate your catalogue; the rest will be done automatically.

The catalog cannot substitute creating regular Pins. Pins created from catalog products are visible only in the advertising campaign.

Add a Save button to product photos

Make it as easy as possible for potential shoppers to include your product photos on their Pinterest boards with a one-click Save button.

Save button

This option is more powerful than the standard Pinterest browser extension:

  • If you click on a Save button within a product catalog, the WooCommerce integration transfers a product URL to Pinterest, not a category URL.
  • On the product page, the Save button works smoothly with all other features and scripts of the WooCommerce themes (for example, zooming).

Even if a customer uses the standard Pinterest extension in their browser, this feature improves the display of the Save button. The button will appear in the left corner of the product image.

Streamline Pin management from your WooCommerce dashboard

From the Edit product page, choose which images to display on your Pinterest account.

A Pin description and a link to the product will accompany the product images.

Pinned product

Updating Pins after you change product details

When you tweak a product’s name, price, or description, all linked Pins will show the new information automatically.

Scheduled Pinning

Schedule pins to publish when you see fit. Flexible settings will allow you to set the day, time, the number of images, and publication intervals of your Pins.

Pin to several boards at the same time

Set up simultaneous pinning to several boards or adjust the specific pinning category – board route.

Bulk Pinning

You can pin several products at once on the Products page. When you publish a product, visitors will see its featured image.

Bulk pinning

Update multiple Pins in one go

Save time and bulk-update the settings of Pins you have created based on the product data. For example, you could change the Pin description settings for several Pins with one click.

Sync Pin descriptions to match WooCommerce product shortcodes

Keep all product details — from price, name, and URL to description and site name — in sync between your site and Pinterest with your existing product shortcodes.

Add Pinterest hashtags right on wp-admin

The Pinterest for WooCommerce plugin allows flexible Pin hashtag set up. There’s no need to create separate hashtags for your products. You can create hashtags as regular WordPress tags and then add them to each product or product category separately. When you create a new Pin, all the product category hashtags will be collected automatically and added to your Pin description.

Just like regular WordPress tags, you can add Pinterest hashtags separately right from the admin editing page of the product. Use the live search or choose from the most popular hashtags on Pinterest.

Improve the performance of Pinterest ads with conversion-tracking and better analytics

Enhanced analytics

Get Pinterest analytics reports when you claim your website

Connect your content with Pinterest. When you claim your website on the platform you get access to valuable analytics to inform your marketing strategy, and make your site’s identity more visible for Pinterest users who will see your profile picture and website’s URL next to any Pins that come from your site.

Use the Pinterest tag to track conversions

Integrate the Pinterest tag in your store with just a few clicks. Track actions people take on your website after viewing your Promoted Pin, and use this information to measure your return on ad spend (RoAS) and better target your audience with Promoted Pins.

Our integration offers also advanced settings to track specific events:

Track Conversion settings

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Version 2.3.0
Last Updated January 2, 2021
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